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    Helping Our Clients enjoy the boating lifestyle

    The Boating LIfestyle


    Boating is one of the most wonderful experiences known to man. The freedom, sense of adventure, comraderie, and wonderful memories make for a full life.  We wouldn't miss it for the world.  

    Why Cruise in the Northwest?

    The Northwest is one of the truly greatest cruising areas in the world.  The scenery, wildlife, people, variety of destinations are absolutely incredible.  This is truly one of the jewels on our planet that is begging to be explored.  And, It is right in our backyard!

    Meet new friends and share the experience!

    You would be amazed at the wonderful people you meet on a Ranger Tug.  We all have a similar boat with incredible capabilities. Share the dream with others!  Potluck dinner tonight with fresh clam chowder?

    Tug Travelers Philosophy

    Boating is a lot fun but you do need to practice certain things like docking.

    We want everyone to have fun on the water but also be safe.  We see so many people on the water that don't know what they are doing.  Many people just don't know how to run a boat or why to do certain things.  We want to help our clients become better and safer boaters. 

    Most people are a bit apprehensive docking.  It is not scary, just needs some practice.

    Know when to go

    Heading out on a boat trip is not like hopping on the freeway to go to Grandma's house.  The weather needs to be checked, the tides, the currents and especially the wind forecast.  We want to help you be an educated boater so that you are never caught in an uncomfortable situation.   We had checked tides and currents before transiting this narrow and shallow waterway to the right. 

    Safety is important

    Notice all crew members are wearing Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) also known as life jackets?  Even the 4 legged crew members.

    About Tug Travelers

    Our Experience

    Jeff and John are licensed US Coast Guard Masters with collective experience in boating over 70 years in the Pacific Ocean and its connecting waterways. 

    Our Approach

    Tug Travelers approach to cruising is simple: "Good destinations with great people makes exceptional fun." With this in mind, we will pace our cruises to make each segment memorable (the good kind of memorable) without being frantic.

    Why Us?

    Ranger Tugs are unique boats. We know this because we both own Ranger R31's and are passionate about the boating lifestyle and the friends we have made within the Ranger family. We understand the boats, their characteristics and have a close working relationship with the factory. We care about you, your vessel and the experience you will have with us on your cruise.

    Considering a destination with us?

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    Give us feedback

    We would love to hear from you on cruises you would like to do, things we could do better and anything else that is on your mind! 

    We are just beginning.

    As Tug Travelers moves through 2018, and 2019, we intend to offer cruises to farther destinations in 2020. These are likely to  include the Broughtons, Port Hardy, Barkley Sound, Port Angeles and Neah Bay. In addition to those places, further north into British Columbia and beyond to Alaska are possibly on our radar. Below is a "Subscribe Section" , Please sign up if you would like to hear from us of what we are planning for the future. 


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